Green = Gold

About eight years ago, researchers at Yale closely examined the available business articles, books and case studies that focused on the both business strategy and the environment. They found that over 95% of these reports emphasized the business benefits of environmental thinking. The researchers expected to find reports on how to control the costs of protecting the environment. Instead, they found overwhelming evidence that reducing environmental impacts results in saving money.

This surprising result led researchers Daniel Esty and Andrew Winston to publish Green to Gold, a book that deals with, as the book’s cover says, “How smart companies use environmental strategy to innovate, create value and build competitive advantage”. That book is now a Sustainability classic.


Green to Gold discussed what others have done. In April 2011, Esty co-authored Green to Gold Business Playbook. The new book provides detailed information on how to do, rather than what to do.


I did a review of Green to Gold Business Playbook for Amazon. You can read it below.


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An Important Contribution

Green to Gold Business Playbook is an important contribution to a rapidly evolving business concept. Author Daniel Esty is a Professor at Yale and a recognized Sustainability heavyweight. Businesses seeking to embrace Sustainability find that the scope of what Sustainability involves is very broad and still emerging. Further, Sustainability is strategic, meaning that it affects organizations at a fundamental level. Consequently, Sustainability initiatives are individually designed for each organization. One size definitely does not fit all.

There is a mountain of information available on Sustainability, on line and in print. Green to Gold Business Playbook has been extensively researched, such that it organizes the gist of that information in a manner that businesses can actually use to construct a Sustainability initiative.

Two caveats: First, Green to Gold Business Playbook is intended for businesses in general. Specific businesses will need additional research to locate information specific to their industry and situation. Second, Green to Gold Business Playbook is a book, so its contents are limited to information available to at the time the book went to press. Of course, the book may be revised in the future as new information becomes available. Additionally, the authors provide a website, which may be helpful in the future.

Bottom line: Green to Gold Business Playbook is a slam dunk for those involved with developing a Sustainability initiative. Casual readers will find Esty’s earlier books more useful.