Mission Zero?

Imagine a billion-dollar manufacturing firm that sets a goal to take nothing from the earth that cannot be replaced by the earth – that is, to become truly Sustainable — and to do so by 2020. Interface, a manufacturer of petrochemical – based commercial carpet products, has set such a goal, and is well on the way to achieving it!

Since establishing this goal in 1994, Interface has increased sales by 66% and doubled earnings while:

> Reducing fossil fuel consumption by 60%

Cutting waste by 66%

Reducing water usage by 75%

> Cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 82%

> Inventing new machinery and manufacturing processes

That which has been done must be possible, and that which has been done at Interface is truly amazing. That which Interface has done vividly demonstrates that pursuing Sustainability can yield substantial competitive advantages.

Any manufacturer who has an interest in Sustainability needs to read Interface CEO Ray Anderson’s book Confessions of a Radical Industrialist (terrible title – remarkable book). Ray’s book spells out what Interface has done and how to go about doing likewise.

Comments, opinions and actual experiences are always welcome.

… Chuck