Manufacturing: The Next Generation

I’m posting this on the eve of President Obama’s speech on jobs creation. It is quite clear that the American people want their government to take real actions to generate more jobs, preferably well paid manufacturing jobs. So, it will be interesting to learn what the President has in mind.

Hopefully, among the initiatives he proposes, the President will choose to build on the National Institute for Science and Technology’s (NIST’s) already existing Next Generation Manufacturing Strategy. The Next Generation Manufacturing Strategy is a well constructed package that serves to increase manufacturers’ business growth and profitability in several dimensions:

>> Continuous Improvement
techniques, especially Lean Manufacturing, increase productivity and effective capacity.

>> Technology Acceleration
applies new processes, methods and equipment to increasing competitiveness.

>> Supplier Development
responds to importance of value chain relationships in a global economy.

>> Sustainability
has become a key driver of economic growth as global competition for resources increases.

>> Workforce Development
helps employees gain and retain the skills necessary to make high technology work.

The Next Generation Manufacturing Strategy needs to be implemented manufacturer by manufacturer, across America. Each manufacturer faces unique needs and enjoys unique opportunities, so each implementation must be customized. Believe it or not, there is a practical way to do that, already in place. NIST’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) provides the Boots on the Ground to leverage technical resources in a customized manner, bringing cost efficient local expertise to manufacturers in all 50 States.

Jera Sustainable Development has prepared a new Commentary, The Boots on the Ground, to better explain what an MEP is, how it works, and what it can actually do for you. The new Commentary will be made part of the Jera Sustainable Development website. For now, you can request a free copy of The Boots on the Ground through the Contact Jera page on the website,

Your thoughtful comments are always appreciated.

…  Chuck

Graphic Image: National Institute for Science and Technology