Toward Beneficial Outcomes

19 December 2013

In 2013 to date, over 65,000 visitors viewed the Jera Sustainability Blog and its essays. I am humbled and amazed.

These two essays drew the most readers this year:

Double Take on the Triple Bottom Line — A pragmatic view of what Sustainability’s triple bottom line (people / profit / planet) means to smaller manufacturers:

#2 – Nate Silver, Forecasting and Climate Change
— How Nate Silver, a very practical statistician, reads the debate on Climate Change:

Of course, there are almost 130 more essays on Sustainability accessible at:

As in previous years, I will take some time off for family celebrations and for reflection at year end. You can expect the next essay to post to this blog on Wednesday evening, 1 January 2014. My best wishes to you and yours for a joyous holiday season and for many beneficial outcomes in 2014.

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